Why this blog, why now?

An Introductory Note

Why this blog, why now?

Anyone who knows me is, I’m sure, painfully aware that I’ve long been fascinated with the intersection between language and politics. Most notably, when this intersection unleashes our capacity to make the immoral appear necessary, the illogical complex, and the trite profound. In other words: when bullshit news makes us worse citizens and worse human beings.

This blog will focus on this bullshit. It will focus on the subtle mechanisms of political and corporate P.R., how these mechanisms pollute our discourse and our understanding of reality and how we can build a more robust understanding of power and its relationship to the media. But, it will never be vague. Each post (I plan on two a week for now) should live on its own and be a limited point. No nine layers of Chomsky (if only because I can't follow myself), just little slices of commentary that will hopefully, in the aggregate, help us build a more skeptical and adversarial model for understanding information in an “information age”.

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