Uh... shouldn't someone correct this?

ABC News Retweets White Supremacists' Spooky, Bullshit ISIS "Caliphate" Map, Other Media Follows

Uh... shouldn't someone correct this?

Yesterday, National Security State press outlet ABC news, in order to show how evil and sinsister ISIS is retweeted a noted white supremacist website, Stormchan unironically in an entirely bullshit story about an entirely bullshit ISIS "5-year caliphate map" that's been floating around the internet for weeks.


What's Third Position? Oh, just a goddamn white supremacists' website that also tweets out gems like this.

And this.

And This.

They were even so proud that they had become "mainstream" that they retweeted the Daily Mail's retweeting of them.


At least the last time the media led us to war in Iraq based on lies they had the good sense not to cite neo-Nazis when doing so.

I've tweeted ABC News' Colleen Curry to see if she can explain. Will follow up accordingly.

(h/t Esther Bedolla)


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