This Thanksgiving, your drunken, ill-informed Uncle will claim 'moderate Muslims' refuse to 'speak out' against 'ISIS'. Here's a single GIF that proves otherwise.

A Complete GIF of 'Moderate Muslims' Denouncing ISIS for Your Bigoted Uncle this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, your drunken, ill-informed Uncle will claim 'moderate Muslims' refuse to 'speak out' against 'ISIS'. Here's a single GIF that proves otherwise.

As the United States began bombing its seventh Muslim country in as many years, right on cue, the usual suspects began "calling" on some vague, and undefined number of "moderate Muslims" to condemn any and all "extremism":


And, per usual, our "tough on terror" left, while not suggesting Muslims were not condemning ISIS, continued to indulge in the premise that they ought to:


Of course "moderate muslims" should never have to "denounce" ISIS or anything for which they took no part in creating. As a few better writers on the subject than I have noted in recent months, the whole conceit of "moderates" calling out "extremists" is loaded and extortionary. Just as "black leaders" shouldn't have to denounce random spasms of "rioting", nor should I - or any white Christian - have to denounce Scott Roeder or Timothy McVeigh. The entire premise of "calling on moderates" to "stand up" against those superficially related to them based on race or political association or religion is little more than a cheap blackmail tactic by those attempting to lump two unrelated things into one for political expediency. Or, as University of Victoria Neuroscience PhD Candidate Mohamed Ghilan more succinctly put it::


To whit: The CIA's latest high estimate, as I note in the GIF below, put ISIS's total manpower at 31,500 - about one-third of the capacity of Rose Bowl stadium - or, roughly, 0.0019% of the world's total Muslim population when rounding down to 1.6 billion. The idea that the remaining 1,599,965,000 Muslims ought to get out of bed, jump on Twitter, or pen a letter to the New York Times to collectively condemn the obviously condemnable is not just silly - it's the living, breathing, sweaty definition of prejudice. A conclusion in search of a premise begging for a pretext. Yet, many do so anyway. Many Muslims routinely denounce ISIS, a group the vast majority know little about, much less had any say in the creation, funding, or arming of; either because they just want to help out, or they just want live without fear of "reprisal", or the assumption of guilt, or the heavy hand of nonstop surveillance. And some, of course, just legitimately hate ISIS. Either way, here's a GIF of Muslims denouncing ISIS and doing so with vigor next time that special bigot in your life claims otherwise:

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