Alec Baldwin Blows Hard on Twitter About #Fightfor15, Is Totally Wrong

He’s worth more than what 3,800 minimum wage workers make in a year. He should STFU.

LAPD, Media Rush to Judge Skid Row Victim While Insisting Public "Not Rush to Judge"

In a PR scam as routine as police shootings themselves, the LAPD smears their victim by selectively leaking information to an uncritical media

Media 'Breaks' News U.S. Will Arm & Train 'Moderate Syrian Rebels' for Third Time

The US has been arming & training the FSA for over 2 years - why is the media, once again, acting like this is something new?

Top 10 Bogus ISIS Stories

The militant group has done a lot of evil - but as the ramp up to ground troops gets under way, its important to note some of the evil the media's reported has turned out to be bunk

Lawyer: New York Post Fabricated My Quotes to Prop Up 'Frivolous' NYPD Lawsuit Story

Exhibit A for why the NYPD says it needs $3.2 million to fight 'frivilous lawsuits' is based on a number of distortions by The NY Post

The NYPD's Push to Make 'Resisting Arrest' a Felony Would Criminalize Blackness, Protesting

How a subtle change in New York state law could stop #BlackLivesMatter in its tracks

American Sniper's Most Pernicious Lie is the One No One's Discussing

During the initial invasion in March 2003 our hero fights 'al Qaeda in Iraq', over a year before AQI even existed - lumping Saddam with 9/11 and perpetuating a dangerous Neocon fantasy.

Michael Hayden's Exploitation of the Charlie Hebdo Attacks Isn't Just Sleazy, It Makes No Sense

After acknowledging France already has a metadata program, Hayden suggests the solution to stopping terrorism is a metadata program

California Highway Patrol Lied About Protesters 'Posing with Guns, Explosives'

After weeks of pestering for the alleged tweets, the CHP finally told me they had disappeared. The reality: they never existed in the first place.

'The Interview' and the Banality of American Military Aggression

As the media casts doubt on North Korea's responsibility for the Sony hack, that America may have launched a military action against an innocent country is barely of note

Silent Coup: The Exploitation of a Cop Killing and the NYPD's Media-Assisted Attack on Democracy

When will the press stop framing this as a clash among equals and start calling the NYPD's insubordination what it is: an illegitimate usurping of a duly-elected official?

The Myth of NYPD Overtime

Yes, the NYPD has spent $23 million in overtime since the protests began, but left unmentioned: that's exactly what they were going to spend anyway

The 5 Lamest Ways People Trivialize Eric Garner Protests

The biggest barrier to justice isn't white silence, it's white hand-wringing. Here are the worst talking points for doing nothing and why they're dumb

We Are All Terrorists Now: Why Did The FBI-NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force Arrest a 2-bit #MillionsMarch Agitator?

Another week, another casual admission by the NYPD its counter terrorism unit - this time in concert with the FBI - is being used to police the ongoing Eric Garner Protests

AP, Mercury News, SFBay, NBC Run Stories on Berkeley Protests, Quote Zero Protesters [updated]

34 quotes from police officers, zero from protesters - in direct violation of their very own ethics standards

Rioting as Collateral Damage: In Defense of Michael Brown's Stepfather

2,000 killed by drones, 200,000 in Iraq, millions more in the 'war on drugs': violence against innocents is routinely 'factored in' for the system, why not for those opposing it?