ABC News Retweets White Supremacists' Spooky, Bullshit ISIS "Caliphate" Map, Other Media Follows

Uh... shouldn't someone correct this?

Big Data & the Increasingly Dull Edge of Hypocrisy Porn

BREAKING: politicians are opportunists who contradict themselves. Great, now what?

The Daily Mail's Bogus ISIS Twitter Story & the Limits of Social Media

As the possibility of another Iraq War looms overhead, liberal skepticism must keep pace with modern tools of propaganda

Charter Schools' Katrina Memory Hole

Pre-Katrina New Orleans graduation numbers are charter school advocates' exhibit A for reform. One problem: the U.S. and Louisiana Departments of Education say they don't exist.

6 Overlooked Facts About Today's Dumbest Viral Outrage [Outrage GIFs]

Bogus Origin Stories Volume 1: American Enterprise Institute

In an effort to rebrand itself, the discredited neoconservative group that gave us bogus Soviet conspiracies & bogus Iraqi WMD is now serving up a totally bogus origin story

Tom Friedman: Climate Change's Worst Corporatist Concern Troll

Friedman casually calls for gratuitous human suffering in this Sunday's times so he can plug billion-dollar green tech companies

Misapplication of Sources

Walmart’s job application numbers are politically loaded and drowning in P.R. bullshit, so why does the media keep citing them as fact?

An Introductory Note

Why this blog, why now?